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Budget camping safari Tanzania. Things to know about camping safari Tanzania

 Camping Safari Tanzania is one of the adventure safaris where accommodation is set at a public area in small mobile tents. Itinerary for Camping safari are well organized and will bring together the most remarkable norms, landscapes, people, and culture with exclusives the most thrilling wildlife and does not differ from others but the only different Here is accommodation style and Standards. Our affordable camping safari adventure in Tanzania is combined with an extension to Zanzibar Beach Holiday or Kilimanjaro climbing for those interested to do so and is done at a very reasonable price as shown on our camping safari Tanzania hereunder.

African Victory Safaris offers the best of Tanzania and Zanzibar budget camping safari packages together with Tanzania and Zanzibar 3*4*&5*Lodge safari packages, Tanzania and Zanzibar Luxury Safari Packages and Tanzania and Zanzibar VIP Level Safari Packages. Not only that but we also offer flying packages to the most highlighted Tanzania wildlife areas. Not only you will benefit Camping Safari Tanzania by visiting some of our National Parks but also this safari itinerary is flexible and it can take you to the very remote areas where infrastructures are not yet developed and this will give you good chance to experience African environment in deep.

You can’t wait and imagine for you alone being around the campfire at the middle of endless plains of Serengeti National Park and stars and the moon shining brightly from the wonderful sky of Tanzania while taking one of your favorable Tanzanian Beer after enjoying your delicious and fresh dinner prepared with professional safari chef who will accompany you on your safari special for cooking.

Camping Safari Tanzania offers a good opportunity to hear different voices from different wild animals like roaring lions, laughing hyenas in the darkness from the distance. Not only wild animals but also other interesting sounds from insects whistling their tunes of the nights as well as sweet morning songs from different species of birds alarming you to wake up and get ready for another day in the Wild Parks of Tanzania.

Budget camping safari Tanzania organizing with African Victory Safaris

The word safari means journey. According to the Swahili Language which is mostly spoken to Most of African Countries, when we say safari we mean traveling either from One Country to Another or from one Continent to Another etc. Always our Tanzania Camping Safari Packages are for private safari and therefore we at African Victory Safaris is our guarantee to provide your own good and well maintained 4 x 4 safari Land Cruiser with a photographic open roof, professional, well experienced and fluent English speaking local safari driver guide without forgetting Professional, well experienced local tourist’s Chef.

Budget camping safari Tanzania. Meals and Drinks

Camping Safari Tanzania is accompanied not only by Local and Professional in tourist’s driver guide but also by Local Professional tourist’s Chef who will prepare all your meals namely breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as pitching your tents. You as a client you don’t need to think about your meals or shelter. Your Chef will take care of all preparations for meals and shelter for the whole trip.

Budget camping safari Tanzania. Menu Sample

Fruits, Juice, Tea and Coffee, Tim processed milk, Beans Mineral Water, Porridge Toast with butter, marmalade, jam and honey, sausages and eggs Sandwiches, Juice, Roasted chicken, Chocolate, Cheese, Fruits, Mineral Water, Tea and Coffee. Appetizer,Soup,Rice,vegetables,chicken or beef curry, Potato salad Roast Potatoes, Macaroni, Hot fried chips, Roasted Potatoes, Fish, Roasted Chicken, Stiff porridge (Ugali) BBQ beef, Mineral Water, Tea and Coffee. Evening Snacks like Roasted peanuts, Popcorns and biscuits.

Budget camping safari Tanzania. Where to go.

Camping Tanzania are more popular to Northern Circuit of Tanzania Country where attractions like Kilimanjaro National Park, Kilimanjaro National Park, Lake Chala, Lake Jipe, Materuni Water Falls, Olpopongi masai village, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Lake Natron, Lake Eyasi, Mto wa Mbu Village, Ngorongoro Conservation area and Serengeti National Park are located compare to Southern Tanzania where attractions like Selous game reserve, Udzungwa Mountains National Park and Mikumi National Park are located camping Tanzania safari are somehow rare. Most of tourists go for tented camp and lodge safari to southern Tanzania.

Budget camping safari Tanzania. Is it safe to stay in budget public camp during migration in Northern Serengeti and Ndutu Area?

You can book camping Tanzania Safari during Wildebeest Migration Period in Northern Serengeti Mara River and Ndutu Area but it is more safe and recommended by African Victory Safaris to be mixed with Tented Camp for the nights at either Ndutu Area or Mara River area in Northern Serengeti because there is no public budget campsites on those places and sometimes it can be not safe because of huge number of Wild animals including cats like lions, Leopard and even Cheetahs who use to be there ready for hunting. If your Budget is limited, we highly recommend to stay at tented camp in Northern Serengeti which are more strong and safe compared to Public Budget Campsites and stay in a budget Campsites at either Central Serengeti, Around Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara National Park or Tarangire National Park.

Budget camping safari Tanzania. Is it safe for Children?

Camping Tanzania Safari is safe and is possible to travel with Kids but we also need to take some pre-cautions about travelling with kids as detailed below.

  1. Tanzania Camping Safari is adventure tour and sleep on budget public tent so make sure your child/kid is strong enough.
  2. Tanzania Camping Safari we sleep in a public campsites with no any fens to protect the area and some of them are located inside of National Parks where wild animals can enter at any time so including lions, Leopard, Cheetah etc. Due to this situation you have to give enough security to your Kids including not allow them to get out of the tents alone at night time as we all knows kids like to play and sometimes they can jump out of the tent with no notice so we need to pay more attention to them. Though we use to have armed ranger in all Campsites located inside of the Park but be the number one security for our kids/Children for more safeness. Be close to your Kids/Children at any time while outside of the Campsites located inside or even outside but close to the Park where wild animals use to visit.
  3. Park enough rain and warm clothes for them. It is true that our tents are new and no any linkage but sometimes weather can change by nature which is uncontrolled so please park as much enough clothes for them.

Budget camping safari Tanzania. Best time to go for budget camping safari Tanzania

Tanzania Camping Safari uses same routes like those for lodges and Tented Camps. While on game drives in the Park you will not differ from others in anything. You visit same National Parks, You will all see same wild animals, same safari cars and same safari guide but since our accommodation is on small tents set on the open public grounds we highly recommend it during dry season but it is also safe during rainy season.

Tanzania Camping Safari Sample Itineraries 2020/2021


2Days Camping Safari Tanzania

2 Days - From $1,180 to $425
Duration: 2 days Location: Northern Tanzania Price Range:  From $1,180 to $425 OVERVIEW 2 Days Tanzania camping safari will take you first to...

3 Days Camping safari Tanzania

3 Days - From $850 to $386
OVERVIEW 3 Days Tanzania affordable camping safari we first visit Tarangire National Park second day we go the famous Ngorongoro Crater ending up...

4 Days Camping Safari Tanzania

4 Days - From $2053 to $790
Short Tanzania Camping safari 4days SAFARI OVERVIEW Short Camping safari Tanzania includes Lake Eyasi Culture tour and game viewing. This 4 days...

5 Days Tanzania Camping Safari

5 Days - From $2710 to $1162
SAFARI OVER VIEW 5 Days Tanzania Camping Safari. This is a friendly and pocket package which enable you to sport different wildlife as you visit...

6 Days Tanzania Camping Safari

6 Days - From $2922 to $1265
5 Days Tanzania Camping Safari. This is a friendly and pocket package which enable you to sport different wildlife as you visit in Lake Manyara...

Tanzania Affordable Camping Safari 7Days

7 Days - From $3105 to $1498
Tanzania affordable camping safari 7days Tanzania affordable camping safari 7days include an awesome display of natural wonders like million...

Camping Safari Tanzania 2 Days

2 Days - From $1,180 to $425
Duration: 2 days Location: Northern Tanzania Price Range:  From $1,180 to $425 OVERVIEW 2 Days Tanzania camping safari will take you first to...

Cheap Camping Safari Tanzania 2 Days

2 Days - From $890 to $386
Duration: 2 days Location: Northern Tanzania Price Range:  From $850 to $386 OVERVIEW 2 Days Tanzania affordable camping safari will take you...